Memorandum Of Understanding

Andrea Yeo, M.Ed., R.C.C., C.P.F., P.D.P. 

Registered Clinical Counsellor

W 604-908-3360

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Andrea Yeo, M.Ed., R.C.C. - #4974, C.P.F. - #00116, has a Masters of Education Degree in Leadership and School Counselling in addition to her Bachelor of Arts Degree majoring in Psychology and minoring in Criminology. She also is a Certified Parenting Facilitator (C.P.F.); as well, she is a professional Secondary School teacher.  Andrea actively participates in ongoing continuing education including supervisory meetings. 

Andrea uses a holistic approach to counselling and determineson a case by case basis what interventions and counselling strategies to use. She draws from her background in Adlerian Psychology and uses many modalities such as cognitive behavioural therapy, existential counselling, emotionally focused therapy, career counselling, marriage counselling, relationship counselling, brief or solution focused therapy, substance abuse counselling and parenting skills counselling. For more information, please contact Andrea by visiting her website at www.starfishcounselling.comor call her at (604) 908-3360 or e-mail her at:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Clinical counselling helps people improve their mental, emotional and physical health while encouraging positive relationships with self, others and the larger community. The building of a trusting and comfortable relationship between client(s) and counsellor is important as counselling may cover topics of distress, therefore questions or comments on the counselling process are encouraged at any time.  



Therapy can help a person to gain a new understanding about his or her problems and to acquire new ways of coping with and solving those problems. Therapy can help a person to develop new skills and to change behaviour patterns. Therapy can contribute to an increased understanding of self, others and the world around them.



While there are many benefits to therapy, success is not guaranteed and there are potential risks. Therapy may stimulate memories, evoke strong feelings, and changes in awareness which in turn may alter one’s self perceptions and ways of relating to others. Sometimes clients will feel worse before they feel better. This is especially a concern for trauma clients. A person needs to understand that therapy is a process.  You can continually discuss any concerns you are having with your therapist.



Andrea is available during the weekdays by phone at 604-908-3360. In the event of an emergency, please contact 911 or the Crisis Line at 604-872-3311.  Andrea will, if appropriate, use email or texting as a communication tool as security features have been included within her email or texting programs.  It is important for her Clients to understand that if they choose to contact her in this way, there is risk of hacking, unauthorized intrusion or other risks and consequently, they assume allresponsibility for possible breaches of confidentiality associated with usingthis technology.  Note: Additional charges for texting may incur.  



Storage and collection of client information is in accordance with the personal information protection act (PIPA) and in accordance with the BCACC guidelines. If you have any questions regarding this, please talk to Andrea directly. 



If you have a complaint or question, please feel welcome to talk to Andrea first. If you would like to talk to someone else, you can contact the BC Association of Clinical Counsellors at (250) 595-4448 or 1-800-909-6303. 



The fee is $100 per sessionfor individuals and $110 for couples (includes tax).  Each session is 50 minutes in length and a sliding fee may be available.  Longer sessions are also available, charged at the above rate, when they are required. Telephone consultations and distance counselling are charged by the ¼ hour. Payment is requested by cheque or cash at the beginning of each appointment.  Please have your payment ready so as not to take up your valuable counselling time. Payment can also be made through PayPal and this payment is requested in advance of sessions. Andrea will issue you an invoice if PayPal is your preferred method of payment.  A $25 fee, plus any bank fees incurred, will be charged for NSF cheques. In the case of prior agreement for payment on account, clients will be charged an administrative fee of $10 per unpaid session for each full or partial month that they have not paid.  Clients have 30 days before this fee will begin to accumulate.



24 hours’ notice must be given for the cancellation of appointments otherwise, the full session fee will be charged.  As there is a high demand for services, your time is reserved exclusively for you and therefore is not available to others.



Clinical counsellor fees are not covered by MSP but may be completely or partially covered by your extended medical plan or possibly deductible as a medical expense on income taxes.  Please confirm your coverage with your workplace insurance provider so appropriate receipts can be provided.



Andrea typically uses the age of 12 years old to determine whether a youth can provide consent. It is recommended that a parent stays in the waiting room while their child is in session. This is to ensure that should your child need you, you are available for them. Regularity and consistency of attendance is extremely important so the therapist and your child can develop a trusting therapeutic relationship. Do not question your child about their counselling session. Your child will share with youwhat they feel comfortable with. Do not press a child to attend counselling or to talk about a particular issue in counselling. The child will address issues as they feel safe and ready to do so, or they may be addressing them in other ways, i.e. through play or art. Pressure from a parent/caregiver may place undue stress on a child and may in fact be detrimental to the counselling process. Do support your child as they courageously face their issues in counselling. Do be open to participating in counselling yourself. These are general guidelines only. Your counsellor and you can discuss these in depth and develop a plan about how you can best be of support to your child in counselling.



Information about counselling sessions will not be released to anyone without your informed, voluntary, and written consent.



When you may be a danger to yourself or others 

When there is suspicion or disclosure of abuse of vulnerable persons, such as a child or elderly person 

When records are subpoenaed by court order

Every reasonable effort will be made to discuss these circumstances with you prior to the involvement of other professionals. An additional exception may be made if the counselling is being paid for by a third party (such as an EAP). This will be discussed with you at the onset of counselling.



It may be helpful or necessary for Andrea to speak to other professionals who may be involved in aspects of your physical and emotional health. Wherever possible, this will be done with your understanding the intent of such contact. You have the right to know what transpired in any conversations between your counsellor and other professionals.



Please confirm to me by signing a copy of this memorandum, that you have read and understand the Memorandum of Understanding as written above.



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