Personal Growth and Development

life stoneReaching one's true potential in life is what we all strive for.  Examining the areas in which you want to further develop or explore will allow a true sense of fulfillment. 


Life Transitions

life transitionsA variety of events can happen in life that may leave you feeling unsure as to what direction to take.  Aging, career changes, loss of loved ones, end of relationships or the start of a new relationship, moving and changing schools are all things that can be a source of stress and uncertainty.  Andrea will help you to determine new and constructive ways to cope in these transitional periods.


Parenting Workshops

parentingAs a certified parenting facilitator, Andrea offers S.T.E.P. (Systematic Training for Effective Parenting) parenting workshops for up to 15 people at one time. The S.T.E.P. program covers topics such as: encouragement, parenting styles, family constellation, goals of behaviour, problem-solving, communication, promoting capable children and sibling conflict.


Career / Education Consultation

career optionsAndrea has worked in the public school system for the past 20 years as both a Youth and Childcare Counsellor and professional high school teacher.  Choosing a career path after high school can be a daunting task.  Andrea will help to determine your skills, interests, aptitudes and abilities and help you to narrow down your choices while exploring a variety of post secondary options. Andrea is certified to administer and interpret the Myers Briggs Type Indicator test and Strong Interest Inventory test. Call Andrea today to discuss this career exploration option.


Youth with School and Social Issues

school probsOne of the most unsettling times for youths is feeling like they don't belong.  Many youth experience exclusion and bullying at a young age which establishes a pattern for problems later on in life.  Learn new ways to act and react in social situations.  Understand differences and determine if there are areas that you wish to change.  Once social issues are overcome, school issues tend to fall into place.


Self Esteem

self esteemHaving low self esteem may impede one's ability to tackle many of life's challenges.  Andrea will help to identify the reasons for your low self worth.  With a positive outlook, a sense of belonging and the feeling that you are worthy of people's attention, you will feel better about yourself.  This, in turn, will help you to have more appropriate and positive responses.  


Identification / Prioritization of Needs

prioritizeAs problems arise, more troubles often follow.  It is difficult to know which issue to tackle first.  Andrea will help you to complete a needs assessment to see which issue is most troublesome for you.  Examining issues piece by piece, can help to establish priorities for action.  We will examine your goals together and create an action plan to implement desired change.


Child Development / Prenatal Support

hands on_bellyAs a parent, you may have questions about your new baby or young children.  As a mother of three and a certified Adlerian Parenting Facilitator with a focus on child development; Andrea provides an abundance of advice, support and reassurance.


Couples & Marriage

coupleAndrea has counselled couples in a variety of relationship struggles over the past 15 years.  Learn skills to break old habits and create new more constructive ones.  Learn to forgive and move on from past hurts.  A healthy, happy and mutually respectful partnership is the foundation of a rewarding and enriching relationship.


Sibling Conflict & Family Conflict

family with_kiteConflict between siblings or among family members can be a huge source of stress for people.  Learning new techniques and skills to negotiate areas such as: chores, boundaries, personal space, bedtimes and respect for one another, will help your family have more peace and trust with and for each other.


Substance Misuse and Abuse

alcohol and_pillsUnderstanding some of the underlying issues as to why people abuse substances is key to reducing one's use.  Overusing alcohol or drugs to cope in life can have many undesirable effects.  Andrea will help you to examine your own reasons for reliance on alcohol or drugs and explore possible alternatives


Gender / Sexuality / LGBTQ

lgbtqUnderstanding the myriad of issues that people face because of their sexual orientation can be a source of personal stress.  Andrea has been running a successful Gay Straight Alliance group at a local high school for 3 years and in her experience, LGBTQ youth seek acceptance by their peers and society.  Andrea will connect you with helpful and supportive resources in your local community.


Sexual Problems

sexual problemsAndrea has participated in research with the UBC Sexual Health clinic.  Using self observation, relationship evaluation, sexual desire and mindfulness techniques, you will be able to identify if something is impeding your desires for your partner.

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