A Parent

Hi Andrea,

As another school year comes to a close we wanted to let you know how much our family has appreciated all your efforts on behalf of the students at ______________.  

As Planning 10 teacher to both _____ and _____, you have provided them with invaluable insight and awareness as to future career goals and opportunities.  Your class discussions led to our family talking around the dinner table about setting and achieving personal goals, work ethic, networking, personal communications and different lifestyle options.  Without your inspiration, I'm not sure if these discussions would have taken place as effectively in our home.

You have also offered a safe place for kids to talk about adolescent issues - emotions, sexuality, uncertainty about the future and other topics which parents try to address at home but which kids are often more comfortable discussing with a trusted third party.  Both my children found you to be a warm, supportive and trustworthy teacher whom they admired and I know from their comments that they were relieved to be able to discuss certain things with you and that you have certainly helped to shape their values and self esteem!

Beyond compare is the role modeling you have provided to both of our children with your warm heart and involvement in so many social justice activities!  You don't just talk the talk - you always walk the walk!! From Vow of Silence to WE Day, reaching out to homeless youth, shoveling manure for fundraising and working with citizens living in poverty in the Dominican Republic - just to name a few - you have broadened _____ and _____'s self and social awareness like no other teacher has done.  _____ has been profoundly affected by her experiences in the Dominican Republic and _____ is very keen to participate in the trip next summer.  Without you, they would not have had this tremendous opportunity for personal growth.  I believe that _____'s experiences with your initiatives have helped her immeasurably in her transition from high school to university in terms of developing her maturity, self awareness and worldliness.

We're also grateful that our kids always knew that if they needed to talk with someone about any social or emotional issues or other personal concerns, you were someone they could turn to easily.  They knew you would be open, honest, supportive and discreet.  It means so much to parents to know that their children have a safety net provided by capable, nurturing teachers such as yourself!

We sure hope you have a great summer with some time to relax with your family!

Thanks so much for everything and we are looking forward to another great school year starting next fall.


~ A Parent


Grade 12 Student

June 20, 2011

Coming into high school, I didn't know what clubs I wanted to join, what sports teams to sign up for, and where I should sit in the cafeteria. Grade 8 was a time of self-discovery for many; some found where they belonged right away, while others... not so much. I didn't have a passion up until I met Andrea Yeo in grade 9. She introduced all of her students to a life that was outside of Deep Cove. It was in her Health and Career class where I knew who I was, and Mrs. Yeo is to thank.  From that moment on, Mrs. Yeo has enabled me and many other students new opportunities that other schools have yet to endure; she set up Global Initiatives, she taught a Social Justice class for the first time last year, and she organizes a humanitarian trip every second year. Such examples clearly state how passionate Mrs. Yeo is; she loves to teach and she loves to enable her students to share her same passions. Mrs. Yeo introduced me to so many humanitarian projects over the years, that being said, I plan on holding a career that revolves around humanitarian projects. 

Outside of humanitarian work, I have had the opportunity to be her T.A. this year; I got to see how she teachers from the other side - for once, I wasn't the student, I was her teacher's assistant. It is sometimes hard for a teacher to engage students to work to their full potential, but Mrs. Yeo has a way with students. Her Planning 10 class didn't just sit back and watch her teach, they genuinely listened and that led to many great discussions throughout the year. Mrs. Yeo is a teacher, but to many students, she is also a friend. My self and other students sometimes walk into her classroom just to say hi, even if it doesn't revolve around homework. The best part is that she is always there to listen; even if she has had a long busy day, she will put everything on hold for you. 

It is clear that Mrs. Yeo is more than a teacher. Yes, she teaches students by following the curriculum, but she also teaches her students how to colour outside of the lines, she teaches them that there is more to our world than Deep Cove, and most importantly - she teaches you how to be and love yourself. 

 (Grade 12 student)


A grade 11 girl

Dear Mrs. Yeo! 

Thank you so much!! It’s really not enough for me to just say thank you, but honestly I don’t know what else to say! You are an amazing person and an awesome teacher and this school is ridiculously lucky to have you!! 

That humanitarian trip was absolutely amazing and emotional! And thanks to you it was possible! I had such a great time I don’t even know how to describe it. The bonds I made with all the other kids and the people in the villages we worked at are ones I will never forget. 

I can’t wait to share our next year as grads with you and I know all of my friends are thinking the same thing! I’m not really sure what else to say because I really can't describe how much I loved this trip in words! I hope that I will get another chance soon to do something like this, but until then, I am trying to help the people around me as much as I can. It's hard sometimes, but when I can put it into perspective and compare it to the things we saw on this trip, it makes it a lot easier and inspires me to try and help change the world!

So thank you is really not enough but thanks! Because that trip was truly amazing!!

~ A grade 11 girl


A grade 12 girl on grad night

Dear Andrea Yeo:

There will never be enough words, smiles, or thank you letters to show you the appreciation I have for you.  You have made a memorable impact on me from the first time I sat in one of your classes.  I am not usually a student who feels the need to make personal connections to teachers, but your kind nature, reliable advice, and genuine concern for all of your students are just a small part of why you have affected many students, including myself, for the better.  I personally hope that we can stay in touch after I leave high school. I will miss the warm presence you bring to the school and the stories you always shared.

You not only opened our eyes to important life lessons during the allotted 80 minute classes, but you allowed everyone to feel a part of the topic or conversation that was present.  It is vital for teenagers to have a positive connection to school and hopefully feel important in a classroom.  You have done this and then some.  You make young people feel comfortable in an environment that is, at times, stressful and I thank you for that.

There are so many people that are appreciative of you.  I hope you never stop working with youth so that you can bring your inspiring words to them too.  It always felt like you were more of a friend than a teacher.  An entire class of grade twelve's would listen to the comments and short stories you shared with us from life experiences, because we truly felt you understood us more than any other teacher.  Thank you so much for being such an important piece of my high school life; I will never be able to show you the gratitude that you deserve.


~ A grade 12 girl on grad night

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